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After 4 long hours of 教育科学导论 class, I went to a Taiwanese bakery and bought a sandwich for lunch. A friend of mine asked me if I had had breakfast. Breakfast? I don’t even know what that word means hahahaha. Are sandwiches really for breakfast? I bought a sandwich because I don’t want to spend too much time on eating. I’m staying away from chopsticks today. I’m in the mood to write a song and I want to get it started right away!

I have been trying so hard to write in Chinese but I don’t think it is possible without my Taiwanese ex-roommate by my side. Chinese is not my mother tongue, not even my third language… It is my 5th (!) language. I need him to look over my choice of words. I am aware that he is just an SMS away but I am also aware of the pressures of medical school so I better not bother him. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve come up with:



I haven’t come up with a melodic hook that I can place in these verses. It’s even harder for me today because my guitar (oh it’s not mine) has a broken string! Grrrrr. I know I have to have it replaced as soon as now. There is a music store nearby and it’s just a kembot away from my dormitory (google “kembot”!). Unfortunately, laziness took over me and I gave in. I have to come up with a melodic hook because it can actually set the mood and help me with writing the words.