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This is a song I wrote a few years ago. I’m not good at playing guitar so please bear with me. I wanted to explain the meaning of the song but I guess it would be better if i let you have your own interpretation.

don’t play hero
when you don’t know
how to even save yourself
with that army
of toy soldiers
that you’ve stolen from my shelf

do not play god
you don’t know what lies ahead
you can’t give me my daily bread
you can’t raise me from the dead
that I’ve become
don’t play god

don’t play holy
coz I know you
you are fond of dirty games
don’t play genius
if you can’t tell
how to even spell my name

do not play god
as if you knew everything
you just can’t fix anything
I won’t worship you again
you are no god
don’t play god
don’t play god