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Little Girls in Bikinis at Chinese Car Show Controversy – chinaSMACK.

From Sina:

Little Girls in Bikinis Posing as Car Models at the Wuhan Automobile Exhibition Cause Controversy

As reported by Wuhan’s Evening Newspaper, at the “2012 Chutian Automobile Festival” held on November 16th at the Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center, several little girls in bikinis posing like car models, attracting crowds of onlookers.

Photos of these little girls in bikinis were posted on Weibo, inciting strong reactions, with comments nearly “all one-sided” against the organizer of the auto show, the automobile manufacturers, and the parents of these little girls. One visitor to the car exhibition who saw the “show” commented that having little children wearing bikinis as car models is businesses harming “the buds of our motherland” and that the parents were being absolutely irresponsible.

What are your thoughts on this matter? For more info, read the entire article here.