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I was thinking about what to do when I go back to China this month. For those unaware, I am a graduate student at Zhejiang University. Of course, I have to go back for my studies but hey, come on… I only live once so I have to do something crazy or memorable when I spend my final year there. I was reading WP blogs when I saw this interesting link from johndwmacdonald.com that finally led me to http://www.uqpu.net/teahouse/. I was stunned by the photos of the world’s most dangerous trail which happens to be in China.

(all photos from uqpu.net/teahouse/)












Am I really up for the challenge? Am I really going to try this? I want to wear some red high heels and strike a pose on the most dangerous spots. Yeah, that is what is on my mind right now. To do or not to do? Red heels or black?

For more info on Mt. Hua Shan and its dangerous trails, click HERE.