Motivation is a drive. Motivation is a passion. Motivation is the key.

When I am angry, I perform well. When I am happy, I perform equally well. When I am hungry, when I am full, when I am focused, when I am disturbed. Because being the best is not a matter of season, therefore, for me, it is not a question of when but why. Some people may be satisfied with a mediocre job but don’t confuse me with them. I have always believed in the simple principle that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. I am not the kind of person who believes in mediocre because I am not about liking the things that I do. Why is this so? When something is to be done, I do it not because I like it but because it needs to be done. I believe that we are all contingent creatures here in this earth. The world would not stop if I died. IN the same way that people will not wait for me to get over myself to get the job done. If I don’t do it, I am perfectly aware of the fact that behind me is another person in line for the job and all they need is an inkling of mediocre talent – if it be called as such – for them to take over. This is what drives me. Liking a job or not is not a question for me. I need not like something for me to do it for behind it is a theory that all things must be entertaining or have that likeability; and a belief in this is a very superficial belief, more so, it is a selfish belief. If I were to base the things I do on the gauge of likeability then I wouldn’t have finished with half of my life. There are a lot of things that we don’t like and it should not stop us from developing ourselves. What kind of frivolous person I would be if I were controlled by my selfish judgement of ‘like’. I would be nowhere. I would probably be dead.

This undermining of like or likeability has ruled my life ever since. It is so because it is not only practical, it helps me to survive. If I were controlled by what people thought of me, if they liked me or not, then my world would have been so small as to revolve on pleasing other people which is the worst of all mindsets that anyone can get sucked in. I am comfortable with the fact that not everybody will like me. Imagine, not even everybody likes the pope. Should I be so naïve as to create an issue and injure myself emotionally every time somebody has something bad to say about me, when somebody is in conflict with me?

Growing up alone in the city, at the center of the state university, where nobody has the time, not even the teachers to handle the personal crises of students, one, such as myself, is left with only two choices, get out or create filters for yourself that act as a kind of shield that enables you to ignore other people’s opinions of you-one word: security. Developing yourself, a project of ridding yourself with all the trivialities of life is key to getting through life. For there will always be people who will try to put you down, there will always be those who will make you feel bad about yourself and make you just wanna quit and die. If you pay attention to these things then that’s it for you. You’ll be in a state not even your parents can get you out of because it is a personal struggle that we all must learn to overcome. Just get on with your life and take it in like oxygen. After all, what does not kill you can only make you stronger.